I decided to make Cream of Mushroom and Onion Soup for dinner. I looked online for the recipes that would serve as inspirations to use the ingredients that I had on hand.

1 head of cauliflower
4 carrots
3 medium  potatoes
2 liters of water

3 large onions
3 medium onions from the garden with green leaves
1 package mushrooms (2 cups, sliced)
half a head of garlic
olive oil
white wine (I didn’t have any)

2 cups of rice
1 container whipping cream (38%, 250 ml)

I looked up recipes on the internet, watched Jamie Oliver caramelize onions, figured out that the cream is added at the end, decided that the rice option is better than adding flour (or blended bread) for thickness and was disappointed that Jamie Oliver had no recipe online for vegetarian soup stock. So, this is what I did. As my son said, the result was “Legen [ wait for it – watch out if you are lactose intolerant ] dairy” and then devoured four bowls of the soup.

Stock: I chopped up the cauliflower (the truth is it was getting wonky – but that’s the fun of vegetable stock: it’s the place for wonky and inglorious vegetables) and sliced the carrots (don’t bother pealing) and potatoes (same) thin. Boil veggies in covered pot with some salt in 2 liters of water until the onions and mushrooms are done.

Saute: After setting up the stock, Thinly slice the onions and the green onion leaves. Finely chop garlic, sage, basil and oregano (organic herbs from my garden – yum!). Olive oil a metal, non-coated, large skillet and melt a wedge butter (thanks Jamie). Add onions, garlic and herbs, salt and pepper. Mix well and start sauteing, covered, while slicing mushrooms. When the onions are clear, add the mushrooms (and wine if you have it like I should have), and saute covered until well cooked. I didn’t let them totally caramelize because when they started sticking (scrape well) I was chicken (bad pun for vegetarian soup) that they’d burn.

Puree: blend the stock and a quarter of the onion-mushroom saute (in a mixer that can handle hot liquids…that’s another story) together. Return the puree to the skillet with the mushroom-onion saute, mix in the cream and bring to a boil then remove from the heat.

Let me know if you also think that its legen – wait for it – dairy.

[For the record, if you haven’t guessed, making the soup was book-ended by a weekend marathon of watching the final season How I Met Your Mother]